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How To Choose The Best Eye Contour For Your Look?

The skin around the eye is much thinner than that of the rest of the face and one of the most affected of the entire body, due to the constant movement of the eyelids.

To this, the skin around the eye has a reduced amount of sebaceous and collagen glands, which enhances the appearance of wrinkles, which sags and darkens in the sun.

All this makes the eye contour the first area in which the signs of aging appear; it is essential to take precautions and take care of the area to prevent and combat aging.

Cosmetics to take care of the eye contour come into play here, which play a leading role in any beauty routine, being essential products from 25/30 years of age.

The variety of creams for the eye contour is innumerable, each with different properties, which can complicate your choice. For this reason, we have decided to help you choose the best eye contour for you, showing you the factors you must consider before choosing to enjoy the best treatment for the eye contour.

What is the best eye contour for your age and skin type?

If you have started to suffer from the dreaded crow’s feet and you notice your aging look, take note because we are going to help you choose the best cream for the eye contour, something that can be complicated if it is your first time and you also do not receive advice.

The best eye contour on the market will depend on each person’s needs, and an eye contour might offer excellent results, and another person with different characteristics does not work.

Pay attention to the product characteristics

First of all, make sure that it is a cream for the eye contour since for it to offer good results, it must have a series of specific components for this type of skin, which is finer and more delicate than the rest of the body.

Choose an eye contour cream based on your needs

There are countless specific products for each area, so you should choose an eye contour that suits your needs, since depending on the area to be treated, there will be better or worse creams.

  • Wrinkles and crow’s feet :

If you want to solve crow’s feet or wrinkles, you need a moisturizing and plumping eye contour that has a lifting effect.

  • Dark circles and bags :

If instead, your problem is with bags and dark circles, you need a moisturizing contour that promotes blood circulation.

  • Dryness :

And if what you have is a problem of dry skin, you will need a moisturizing eye cream.

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10 Basic Tips For Perfect Makeup

Today we are talking about a topic that interests many, the best accessories to properly apply our makeup.

Cleanses and hydrates the skin

A clean face is essential to show off the healthy and beautiful skin. Therefore, daily, wash your face well with Facial Sponge and hydrate it with the most suitable cream for your skin’s needs.

Once your skin is clean, we start with the makeup.

Concealer and highlighter

Conceal dark circles with concealer in a tone that neutralizes them. Find the shade that best suits your skin. And to bring light to specific areas of the face, the illuminator applied with the Correction Brush will help.

Makeup base

You can apply it with your fingers or with a brush or sponge. Do it with small amounts of product and blending very well, for example, with the Liquid Makeup Brush.

Loose powder or bronzer

After the foundation, accentuate the color with a light touch of loose powder or bronzers, choose from the wide variety of brands that we have. Apply with Short Powder Brush on cheekbones, nose, forehead, and chin.

Lipstick or gloss

First, apply a pencil eyeliner so you will avoid the happy little wrinkles on the upper part of the lip. Next, spread the lipstick color and finish with a touch of gloss in the center.


Once waxed, comb them with the Brush and fill them in, if necessary, with an eyebrow pencil, blending with the eyebrow brush for a more natural finish. You can finish the eyebrow makeup with a fixing gel.


A light shade from lashes to the orbital bone. And another in a medium tone on the mobile eyelid up to the crease. The Thick Shader Brush will help you blend and avoid tone jumps.


The eyelid must be free of fat. Define the eye line with an eyeliner flush with the lashes to emphasize them. Draw the stroke in a single pass, from the tear duct outwards.

Curler and Mascara

With clean lashes, curl them with the Eyelash Curler. Then, apply the mask according to the effect you want to achieve: longer, with more volume or just a subtle touch. Apply from roots to ends in a zig-zag pattern for added coverage.

Blush, the finishing touch

Yes, it is the last step to balance the final look and achieve the “good face” effect. Apply with the Angled Brush: stroke in the cheek area towards the temples, smile, and blend.

With all these tricks, you are sure to achieve flawless makeup. Do not hesitate to leave us your comments or suggestions.…

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Myths And Truths About Blemishes On The Face

Back from summer, it is important to take care of the skin and prepare it for winter. Today we talk about the spots that appear on the skin of the face after exposure to the sun.

Can a freckle never become a stain?

False: Over the years, the freckle increases in size, joining each other until it becomes a stain.

Should the anti-stain treatments be used only at night?

False: There are products that, being more powerful, are used only at night, but to achieve excellent results, we have to include an anti-stain moisturizer with SPF in our daily routine.

Are anti-stain treatments only used in winter?

False: Anti-stain treatments that do not contain depigmenting ingredients can be used in any season.

Should we only use SPF to protect the stain when we are exposed to the open air?

False: An excess of sunlight produces spots, but there are other types of radiation that cause pigment activation, such as computer screens, fluorescents, TV screens, etc.  If we want to avoid the appearance of spots, there are Than to use an SPF inside or outside.

Are skin blemishes a health hazard?

Myth: Skin blemishes are not a health hazard. They are permanent skin changes that can affect the appearance of the skin. although some people prefer to have the best nose jobs specialist in Florida to perform Rhinoplasty to correct nose imperfections.

Does drinking water with lemon juice lighten the spots?

Myth: Home skin lightening treatments just don’t work.

Can pregnancy spots turn into skin cancer?

Myth: since there is no proven relationship between gestational chloasma (pregnancy spots) and skin cancer.

Can hydrogen peroxide lighten spots on the skin?

Myth: hydrogen peroxide is a disinfectant and antiseptic; depending on the concentration, you have to be very careful as it can be toxic and irritate the skin.

Are brown skin more prone to the appearance of spots than light skin?

Myth: skin of all shades/humans is susceptible to developing an unbalanced hue and creating blemishes.

Does sunbathing with a makeup base cause spots on my skin?

Myth: today, there are foundations with sun protection and sunscreens with a touch of makeup to protect from sun filters.

Excessive exposure to UV rays causes collagen and elastin fibers to break down and, therefore, the skin loses elasticity, firmness, and with it, the feeling of a youthful appearance. This loss causes an unusual increase in the production of melanin and the generation of spots.…

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